11pt backgammon in Manchester

Roll them dice

Where and when we play       


 The Moor Club

35 Heaton Moor Road

Heaton Moor


Cheshire SK4 4PB

email mr.backgammon@ntlworld.com

tel: 07944983403


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Backgammon in the North of England


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Due  to  other commitments  I will not be running this event from November.

Thank you to the many players that have attended over the past 7 years , its been a pleasure organizing it.

Kevin Jones will be taking over from November. So the event is left in good hands. Their will be a new website hopefully the stats will migrate over.


Use the Facebook group above to keep up with all thats going on.


Keep on having fun















  Doors open 11.30am , Draw is made at 12.15pm






Yorkshire Backgammon 1st Saturday of the Month


We do it again at Napoleons click for details



New players are always welcome to join us just turn up and play. 

Main Tournament 11pts Knockout

All players pay a £5 registration fee on the 1st Tournament  they play  at each meeting

The Pool will be a variable pool in increments of £10 So you can still play for whatever amount you feel comfortable with.

A 5% deduction  is made on all 11pt pool money

If you lose we open up 8 player tournaments  £10 entry 100% return

9,7,5 and 1pt on demand

Championship points will be awarded  1pt for every 11pt match you win in the main.

The season runs from April to March with the player on most wins getting free entry into the Manchester one day.

This is sponsored by Irving Czechowicz and is not transferable  


All Fees are strictly in cash only 


All pool monies will be handed over at the start of final matches -

it's up to finalists if they do a deal. Default is winner takes all