11pt backgammon in Manchester

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                                     THE ONION BARGIE CUP

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The tournament takes place on the Marton Emperor as it cruises for 3 hours on the Leeds/ Liverpool Canal

Sunday, October 5th 2008, Midday


Jon, Paul and Roger the 3 trophy winners 



First i would like to say What a pleasure it was running  a tournament for such a nice bunch of people. The boat was bursting with happiness everyone had a great time . Even when i decided to knock the consolation final down to a 1 pointer from a 5 pointer there was no moaning, thanks Carl and Jon.

 The 1st prize of the day went to Roger Keys A bottle of Wine for being the 1st player to dance on a one board. I said if its not won the wine will go to the winner of the Argie Bargie, 5 mins into the tourney and Roger takes it. Three players where not even on board as we had to Dock and go back to pick up 2 late players who where delayed due to  floods  in Derbyshire.

The 2nd prize Awarded was an engraved glass from Hydes brewrey. This was for the last player to have zero wins. Well Roger, Dorothy , Angie and myself were fighting for this as we found ourselves in the last chance. Soon it was down to Angie and myself, I sneaked a win against Samya leaving Angie to collect the wooden spoon, well glass.

But we were still alive in the last chance as you could get back in free of charge until 16 places had filled up.

So on to the results


The Main was won by Paul Harper who beat Paul Garlic in the Final.

Congrats to Ian Gray he reached the semi final in his 1st tourney, and only just learnt about the cube in the past few weeks.


The Consolation was won By Jon Williams Beating Carl Dell in the Final. What a gripping final this was even though it was reduced to a 1ptr more ended up watching this than the main. Carl would just not lay down and fought to the bitter end.

The Last chance was won by Roger Keys at his 2nd attempt getting 4 wins in a row to beat Dorothy Lee in the final.

The timming was fantastic all players were still  playing for something with 20 mins to go to the end of the trip, and the main final ended with 5 mins to spare.


After disembarkation we all said our farewells and 5 of us went to a cavery for Dinner.


Then back to Dorothys for the Argie Bargie  Which saw Jon pick up his 2nd trophy of the day beating Dorothy in the final.


Once again thank you all that came lets do it again soon

Pictures are published in the gallery


Keep on rollin'





 Thank you to Backgammon in London, and the Moor Club for trophies and prizes