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             The Backgammon World Cup on Water May 24th 2009


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Congratulations to MARK CALDERBANK winner of the 1st World Cup on Water

Yet again we had a lovely sunny day for the boat tourney. There is nothing i can say that has not been said before. everyone seemed to have a great time. We had 22 people on board i limit it to 25 for comfort even though the boat can take 46 passengers.


The Full results

Main (32)

Winner Mark Calderbank

2. Dorothey Lee

3/4 John Wright , Irving Czechowicz

5/8 Chris Sabatini , Jon Williams, Safak Usta, Paul Barwick


Consolation (16)

Winner Kevin Jones

2. Peter Chan

3/4 Maria Stone, George Hall

5/8 Tim Stone, Gunay Ozkan, Angie Dell, Carl Dell

last Chance (16)

winner Pam Wright

2. Angie Dell

3/4. Safak Usta, Tim Stone

5/8 Susan Bourne, Jon Williams, Paul Barwick, George Hall

Gang Tourney (9)

Tim and Marie Stone went home both winners ( Happy Birthday Tim)

Some comments posted on Dailygammon.

Great fun day, lovely weather and brilliant organisation. Thanks Irv

Posted by SKU Master at Mon May 25 07:54:37 2009

Thanks very much Irv - this tournament is a really good idea. Pleasant & fun day trip, plenty of room on the boat and well organised as always.

Posted by MarkC at Mon May 25 08:53:51 2009

Thanks Irv, a great day out and you even managed to organise the weather for the World Cup - well done to all the Tournament Winners, was great to meet you all - looking forward to defending the gang tourney trophy next year ! lol

Posted by timaria at Mon May 25 19:27:01 2009

Great day Irv, well organised as usual. Thanks.

Posted by Bikerchick at Mon May 25 20:32:59 2009



I will be uploading more photos soon to the gallery